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Today I woke up happy knowing that President Obama had been re-elected by a large margin in the electoral vote, 303 versus 206, and by 50 percent versus 48 percent in the popular vote. The republicans may be pouting but they can’t deny that our President was rightfully re-elected, no question. So I feel very hopeful for our country and the future.

Onto another story, the Northeast is being assaulted by another storm, what we affectionately call them during the winter months, a Nor’easter. It is not as if many need another storm, those who barely survived Sandy could be doing without this one I assure you. In my neck of the woods, snow is falling and blowing and my goodness is it brutal outside. Little Jack and I both went out three times today but it was through sheer force of will on my part did we walk our normal route. It was Jack and I against the elements, Jack in his hooded fleece sweatshirt and I with my wool cap and fleece jacket, walking against wind and snow.

There is good news at the end of this wintry mess, according to the seven day forecast, next week will find us enjoying 50 degree weather for quite a few days. We will be a nice thaw, hooray!