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Today being the first Tuesday of November means that it is election day. I was joined by the baby boy and we exercised our civic duty by voting not only for the next President but also for congressional members and four ballot questions; two of which were simply referendums. The four questions were quite serious. The two that would become law were; one involving physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill, and the other question was for legalizing medical marijuana. The other two questions that were meant to take the pulse of the electorate were just as serious; one was voting for a constitutional amendment that would explicitly state that corporations are not people and they do not have the right to free speech as do actual people and the second question was asking us, the electorate, if we wanted the wealthy to be taxed a bit more, cut defense spending so that we can preserve Medicare, social security and invest in education and infrastructure.

My baby boy and I both voted in sync, we found out when we left after comparing notes. We were both happy to be voting for our President, who we both admire very much. A Romney presidency is just too scary to contemplate because of his serious belief in supply-side economics, cut taxes and supposedly that will grow an economy. Unfortunately for us, we tried that during the long Bush years and it does not work. He also wants to cut and gut all social insurance programs and anything that is not military. Effectively I am left to think that he wants a military state and that is it.

No thank you, the baby boy and I put our two cents in and I hope that we are happy with the outcome tomorrow.