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Oh boy am I silly. Tonight we got home at 6:30, it was dark and little Jack needed walking which is never a problem. Now up here in Blandford, there aren’t any street lamps in the park so we were walking by moonlight and starlight, a romantic setting that quickly turned into a potential horror movie setting in my imagination. As Jack and I were walking up the steep hill, as we do twice a day normally in daylight, my mind started wandering as it does during all of my walks and it went to “American Horror Story The Asylum” . This is a show that has garnered a lot of attention since its debut on the FX channel last year. Jessica Lange, a wonderful actress in my opinion, won both the Golden Globe and an Emmy for her work in the series. This year, the show is set in an insane asylum run by the Catholic Church in the 1950’s.

It is never a good idea to think of scary movies or scary t.v shows when you are walking in the dark in a small Town’s park set right near the woods. At first when we were walking, I was thinking that the bears and the coyotes are probably all settled in for the cold and the only thing in the park at night would be the raccoons and skunks. It was while walking past the picnic table that my mind flashed to potential human predators, I pooh-poohed the idea and then my mind went to “American Horror Story” and the walk was done for me.

The setting is in an insane asylum this season, so we are seeing actual people behaving as monsters but now we are seeing that not all the monsters are human, we aren’t sure what the monsters are that are lurking in the shadows and in the tunnels. This is the t.v show that invaded my mind during my walk and scared me into turning Jack and I right around in our tracks down the hill and back home.

I scared myself silly this evening, a silly goose who watches a lot of t.v.