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Yes, Halloween has come and gone and I still have candy left. My plan of leaving the galvanized tub full of candy out on the breezeway for all the trick o treaters worked fairly well, I still have a half of a tub left. Our trick o treaters really held true to the honor system, it was evidenced by how much was left. Moreover, the whole town was in impeccable condition, there weren’t any trees papered with toilet paper, no eggs thrown or pumpkins smashed. Halloween was a fun yet quiet night. October has since been put to bed and now I can start thinking of the next celebration soon to come to come, Thanksgiving.

I love getting all the catalogs from Pottery Barn, Williams & Sonoma and Petrossian. They start me dreaming of roasted turkey, vegetable gratins, various pies and other pastries. I have never had pecan pie, it is one of my mommy’s favorites, so I’d be curious to make one, just for kicks. My Papa used to say that all the time, “what if we tried it this way Pousee, (that is me) just for kicks”. I miss him a lot especially in the kitchen. He was a marvelous cook, Thanksgiving wasn’t his thing but every other holiday certainly was. Thanksgiving is my mommy’s day to shine and during the past few years, it has been the both of us making the turkey and all the sides and I really love being in the kitchen with her, it’s a lot of fun and funny because we distract each other, not on purpose, and we sometimes lose track of what we are doing. We haven’t burned anything or set fire to the kitchen as of this writing.

It is already November 2nd and before we know it, it will be pumpkin pie making time when the house will smell full of goodness, cinnamon and spice and everything nice. Hooray.