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Writing is hard. I should be more specific, when I write everyday either with a prompt or without one, the most difficult thing for me is to find something to write about. Once I find it, be it Jack or the storm or the loss of our beloved Rex, once I start writing to you guys, the words flow and my two fingers type along without a care in the world.

Not so with my book. It feels like the words are being torn out of my head and it is almost painful to type them. It is only fiction, well you can argue it is historical fiction because I have researched the setting of my novel, the gay 1920’s of Paris and prohibition era New York City, but still it is fiction. I have the story in my head, I know that it is a grand love story between my two principal characters, I know where they are going and why. It seems to be the whole emotional aspect that is perhaps difficult for me.


Maybe it is because I want to try to get it published that makes me so very apprehensive as I write it? Perhaps I am questioning whether or not it is any good? For how can it be good if it is similar to pulling teeth out of my skull?

I have written 2000 words today, part two of my book. I will not spend everyday bemoaning my insecurities and anxieties, I promise you that. I just needed to vent all of this so that tomorrow I can start writing with less baggage weighing me down. One needs to off load every once in a while. Thank you for listening.