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  • Loneliness
  • NASA Deep Sea Diving Training

    One instance where I felt truly alone was when I was scuba diving in the Cayman Islands. I was getting my advanced certification and that meant a deep dive designed for the purpose of testing your resistance to Nitrogen and its ill effects on the mind. Our scuba dive master instructed us to make sure that we didn’t descend more then 120 feet and before I knew it, I had sunk to more than 130 feet. At that moment, mind crushing panic set in and I felt alone like there is no other alone, in the dark, cold fathomless depths of the ocean. It was more than crippling fear, it was full on panic. I wasn’t alone for more than a few seconds but it felt far greater than anything else. I was saved and brought back to safety but I will never forget that for as long as I live. Drowning is definitely not the way to go, not that there is one but still, not this way.