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  • Haunted Tale
  • Stephen King’s House

    I just read a haunted tale co-written by Stephen King and his son. It is called the Tall Grass, I read it in Esquire magazine. It completely turned me off from helping anyone who sounds lost in the mist and beyond my sight. A brother and sister embark on a cross country journey in their beat up old car and stop on the side of the road for a rest, they hear a little boy’s voice calling for help from within an expanse of very tall grass. They, being kind souls, go off into the tall grass to try to help the little boy, only to find themselves separated from each other and the road immediately. They, each in their forced isolation, spend what seems hours upon hours trying to find each other and the boy but to no avail, they start to suffer from hunger and thirst and I will not spoil the ending for you if you come across the short story but keep in mind, this is Stephen King we are talking about. I got scared reading it.