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We in Blandford emerged safe and sound from the hurricane named Sandy or as the news media nicknamed her Frankenstorm. Over the weekend we were all alerted to Sandy’s massive size and all Northeastern Governors took steps to prepare and safeguard their respective residents. Our Governor closed all schools Monday just in case and he did the right thing, the gale force winds were frightening. I am happy to say that both my mother and sister didn’t suffer any power outages or damage to either of their homes. I was quite worried for both of them, they live right near the center of where Sandy was at her most powerful.

I was surprised that we lost power for a 24 hour period during the storm despite being fairly far from the epicenter. We didn’t get rain but boy did we get wind. I was walking baby Jack up in the park yesterday morning and while he was sniffing, a tree crashed down not too far from where we were standing. It happened so quickly, we both jumped. That was before the gale force winds, even with the Indus I was surprised at our power outage, we had a major upgrade to our electrical grid following the devastating ice storm of 2008 and our trees were meticulously trimmed all summer long, with all that overhaul and preparation we still lost power.

The only thing that bothered me with the power outage was my refrigerator and freezer contents. I didn’t want things to spoil so it did put a damper on eating last night, this morning and this afternoon. The first thing you learn in a power outage is do not open the fridge or freezer. That rule stinks when you are hungry.

Last night as I lay in bed at 10 I was thinking of one of my favorite t.v shows, Copper on the BBC America. It takes place in New York City in the 1870’s right after the Civil War. You get to see characters from the wealthy class and the underside of New York and the working class. The poor and working class women didn’t have time for leisure or to be bored. I am not sure if wealthy women were ever bored but they did do embroidery and needlepoint in the evening hours. So I decided that I wasn’t going to complain about being bored. I do admit that I felt in the dark without any news, other than that I did a lot of reading. So it wasn’t so bad. I am glad that it is over.