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Our baby boy is being the dutiful son and watching the little Jack for the hubby and I tonight so that my hubby and I can have a date night together. We both need a special night because we are both mourning the loss of our big man Rex. I haven’t been up to blogging spontaneously these past few days because I have been feeling a little hollow inside. Thank goodness for Plinky.com, this service provides daily prompts perfect for when your brain is a little overwhelmed by sadness and loss.

As a pet owner, I have had to make the decision with my hubby to end the old or sickly lives of all of our previous dogs and it never gets easier, no matter how old or sickly they are at the time. It was especially hard with Rex because he had so many human like qualities.

I know that this evening will be good for us, time away to concentrate on us which will be welcome after being so sad for a week.