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  • Rags to Riches
  • Carries too much weight

    That is a very good question because it puts many things on the table such as value, character, judgement, quality and morality. In my mind, when the economy was simpler, as in the days before globalization, when someone came up with an idea to make something and it became successful, thousands were employed to produce the idea and the creator of that idea became wealthy, that made sense. It was in my mind, a win, win opportunity. People were employed, consumers had a product, the creator was successful, taxes were paid, a virtuous cycle was born. These days, wealth has been created out of nothing but financial transactions and cheap labor overseas, there isn’t a virtuous cycle, only a vicious one, where the wealthy are hoarding the gains and the many are being left the crumbs. Wealth of some financiers has only been on paper because it is all in the stock market, so if the stock market crashes once more, their value becomes nothing, is that truly wealth? I don’t think so, but does anyone really need billions? Isn’t there some point when it is just too much? I think that too much wealth concentrated in too few hands has to warp a person’s mentality and character. The basics lose their value, I would think, by that point. All that I would like is enough to not have stress over what we really need, a roof, a car because we live out in the country, food, insurance and such. The not having stress part to me would be priceless.