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  • Read this; you’ll feel better.
  • Bauhaus – Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions

    What to recommend to a friend going through a bad breakup. There is always Eat, Pray, Love though it is not a guaranteed pleaser. I loved it until she went to India and there she lost me, I don’t know why but it became a different book for me. The book selection would also depend on how the breakup occurred, do you want to recommend a book about female friendships, or a silly romance novel or a travel book? I loved Lunch in Paris but the author meets her “Prince Charmant” so that is probably out of the question. I love sci-fi and Robert Jordan is one of my favorites, but when your heart is broken, do you really want to get into the battle of saving the world from the Dark One? I say forget the books and watch Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley as Lizzie and I forget his name, but I love this Mister Darcy. I can watch it forever, it is so wonderful.