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One of my least favorite chores, the disposal of fall leaves. I never mind the raking, the exercise is such that I am never cold while I’m raking and it builds a nice little appetite that I like to indulge as a result of my hard work. It is the bagging that really annoys me because for some reason once you pull out a lawn and leaf bag, the winds come out to play and the leaves scatter away while you are battling the rake, the leaves and the bag all at once.

I used to love the piles of leaves in Astoria Park when I was little, I never had to rake them and bag them back in Astoria, I don’t think anyone did. I remember having as an assignment for at least two years, I think in first and second grade, having to find as many different leaves and sticking them on colored paper to bring to school. That was fun, running after the leaves before the wind did its job and swept them away somewhere else. It is when we moved up here to Blandford that I was introduced to the whole raking and bagging leaf thing.

Supposedly the reason behind the disposal of fall leaves is that if you leave the leaves where they are, when the snows come, the carpet of leaves will kill the grass because the grass will have been suffocated by the layering of the leaves and the snow. It makes sense so in a day or two I will start to make some piles and perhaps start the bagging process. We are only in October and we do live in tree country, many trees still have their leaves attached so I don’t know how early I want to start my least favorite chore.