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Up above is a link that if I did it correctly will bring you to a short segment of Huffington Post Live that I was invited to be a part of yesterday at noon. Sarah Jackson who works at the HuffingtonPost sent me an e-mail last week complimenting me on my thoughtful and engaging comments and asking if I would be interested in being part of a community panel on HuffingtonPost Live. I replied yes, I felt validated by her interest in my thoughts and opinions. I was pretty excited for the whole evening. It’s not everyday that someone from an actual journal reaches out to me, the last time it happened was in college. Exciting!

Getting myself ready to participate online was much easier than I thought, I did it all myself. I registered with Googleplus1, I asked my hubby if we had any spare ear buds, we did. I also asked him where to plug them in, I didn’t want to dislodge any of his stuff, he told me and I found it. I read the three articles to be discussed and then I logged in with the three other gentlemen. We were joined by a staff reporter Arthur and the moderator, an Australian and it was a pleasant twenty minutes.

The topics were-

1.an increase in the sales of mens underwear-positive indication of our economy?

2. workers striking at Walmart, good for anything?

3. Libya and the Obama administration’s response, good or bad?

There was one republican amongst three democrats and I would say that the “sparks” were between the republican and the older gentlemen. The older gentlemen was accused by the republican of being professorial with his words and we were also being told by the republican that we were politicizing the sales of underwear. I offered my thoughts and opinions, I am not very aggressive so I felt a little drowned out in the discussion, I did state that with mens undergarment sales it is primarily the women who make the purchasing choices. I am pro-union so that didn’t fly very well and I said that Europe was good and I wasn’t quite sure why the administration sent mixed messages about Libya.

I’m glad that I took part in the panel discussion. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I know that I could have done a lot better. However I am better at writing my political responses than saying them out loud, I can focus when writing; when I speak my mind, it seems to go elsewhere and everywhere, so I sound scatter brained even though I’m not.