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I have to say that the chicken pot pie was a hit. Both casseroles are gone and the little Tupperware is going into the freezer. We are having a great time, watching movies together, eating together and talking about everything under the sun. The tarte tatin was demolished yesterday, we still have whipped cream and ice cream for whomever has a sweet tooth. This afternoon I made four pizza pies because nothing goes with Sunday football better than pizza.

Tomorrow is another story, I think I’m going to hand the reins over to my hubby. We have plenty of steaks and chops that he can grill, I know that I have frozen broccoli and frozen fries that I can sauté the former and throw the latter into the oven.

Our guests are leaving tomorrow but my hubby and my baby girl aren’t leaving until Tuesday morning so I’m really happy with that, next week will feel a little lonely with everyone gone, but I have my dogs and my WordPress to keep me busy and engaged.