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I wanted to show a little bit of the process that produces a nice chicken pot pie. The only thing the pictures don’t show is the amount of time it takes to get from step one to step ten, almost two hours and that only gets you to the picture of my big red Dutch oven. The final step is the picture of the pastry covered casserole and that went into the oven for an hour.

Tomorrow I’ll show you pictures of the finished product, I’m also going to make the tarte tatin tomorrow because I just ran out of time today. I had quite a few things on the schedule, our pool closing, a trip to the doctor’s, picking up the baby girl from college, picking up Rex and Jack’s premium dog food and medications and then grocery shopping. By the time we got home, I rushed around getting Rex and Jack’s food ready, walked them and then fed them. Rex likes to be fed by his Maman, he’s old so I don’t mind, but when you are itching to get to work, it requires patience and deep breathing to not get exasperated with your pet.

So I’m pooped, sitting on the couch with Jack right next to me as I type this post, I hope that I’m making sense. I am happy with the chicken pot pie, I have to say I was surprised that all that work and all the ingredients produced only two casseroles and just enough to fill a small Tupperware.

I did enjoy making it and the kitchen smelled really good, I could see the vapors coming out of the oven like they do in the cartoons and my nose started twitching. Speaking of twitching noses, Jack’s nose was on overload what with the constant smell of roasted chicken. Rex has been very well trained during his long life to not beg so he stays put under the table, but Jack doesn’t beg, he just parks himself right next to my feet, quiet as a mouse and waits. He waits for something, unfortunately it is very rare that he gets rewarded for his waiting, it doesn’t stop him from waiting however.