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I have become a big fan of the Late Late Show with Craig Fergeson. He is simply a loon, he tries to be off colour but he does it politely with his lilting Scottish accent so it’s just endearing not offensive in the least. His sidekick, whose name is Geoff, is a robotic skeleton voiced by I don’t even know, but he is just as silly as Craig and they make a hilarious couple. They sometimes argue like a married couple. Craig also has a two man horse named Secretariat who comes out to dance now and again. He also has a mounted Rhinoceros head on the wall named Sarah, she doesn’t speak too often. There is a gag CBS executive who is there supposedly to keep Craig in line but she is very attractive so He just acts more like the adolescent he still is, the loon.

It’s my show to watch because my hubby isn’t really a fan, so I sit with Craig and laugh at him being a big ham with his crazy entourage. His guests really like coming on because they are extremely relaxed and let their hair down. Often on other shows they stick to the scripted questions and answers whereras with Craig, his questions come from out of the blue and you never know where the conversation is going to go or where it was headed in the first place.