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This being the last batch of pictures of a most wonderful city, Avignon, I will say that I think that I saved a few of the best for last. One of my big fascinations is the ever present marche in French towns and cities and the one in Avignon did not disappoint, it wasn’t out in the open as in many other places but its exterior with the living plants making up the entire facade more than intrigued me, I was so impressed by it. I find it very encouraging when communities, even when steeped in centuries of the old ways, still look ahead to th future and incorporate green technologies into the day to day.

I was also taken with the inner city canal and the unique architecture surrounding the area, it felt very different from the rest of the city but still beautiful in its own way. The outer walls were also majestic in their strength and agelessness. You can sense that they have withstood the test of time and of men. It is hard to explain how differently a new country feels after you have spent time in the old country. I am not deliberately trying to be clumsy with my words when I’m trying to share the thoughts and feelings behind my pictures, it’s just that the feelings are hard to translate into words.

The color scheme was something that drew my eye, the deep blue of the sky, the deep green of the water and the various shades of gray in the stone made for an artist’s palette and needed to be captured on what would have been film a decade or more ago and now it’s called pixels. I wonder if people lament the vanishing use of film like people lament vinyl in the c.d age of music.

Beyond my garden, I should take my cell phone in search of good picture opportunities around here. It would be a good contrast to my pictures during my vacation. I will have to keep that in mind for future posts.