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Looking back through this batch of pictures, I can hardly believe that the baby girl and I only spent one night here in Avignon. The only way that I can explain the vast number of pictures taken is that my eye was overwhelmed by the possibilities for interesting and thought provoking shots. The hodge-podge of different influences, different era’s and different building materials makes for a gorgeous canvas that cries out to be painted or taken as pictures, you want to share what you see, it is that amazing.

Reading the history of Avignon after having spent but just two days there, I can understand why Avignon was instantly popular and I mean popular in the sense that Avignon attracted commerce, trade, population growth and success. Its proximity to the mighty Rhone river, its placement between Toulouse, Marseille and Arles, all mighty cities throughout history and its wide open spaces within the city gave the townspeople a sense of well being and quality of life. When the environs surrounding you are well kept and harmonious, it gives you the feeling of bien-être, that is precisely what the baby girl and I felt the entire time. There are certain places that have that effect, you can’t explain it but you feel at home in a place that you barely know. This is what I felt here in Avignon, I hope that these pictures convey how wonderful Avignon is as a place to live and to visit.