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These pictures of Avignon are for the most part centered around the Papal Palace or Le Palais des Papes. The pictures that show Avignon spread out below were taken at the summit of the mount upon where the Palace was built. There were so many breathtaking vistas that I couldn’t stop taking shots. I am not sure what mountains are in the distance but I doubt that they are the Alps, they look too small.

I know that I haven’t done justice to the majesty of the Palais des Papes, it is so grand that a rinky-dinky cell phone can’t capture the grandiosity of the whole compound. That might be the wrong word but I can’t think of another one, the Papal Palace may not be in the same league as the Vatican but it is still impressive nevertheless.

You might wonder why I took pictures of the ground but I thought it might be interesting to show everyone the ground that the baby girl and I were walking on, the same ground that has been walked on by others for centuries before us. I suppose the reason why I am so preoccupied with the beautiful old stone roads of Europe is because here in my town of Blandford, our roads don’t last two seasons before potholes erupt to destroy the shocks on your car. Why is it that roads built hundreds of years ago can withstand the punishment of time and our country roads here fall apart so quickly?

Enough with the horrible roads of Blandford, my mind is turning once more to the wonderful days in Avignon. The baby girl and I had drinks in the cafe featured in the picture of the Place des Papes that I took from up above. The heat was fairly unruly, we would walk for a bit and then we would feel the need to drink and sit in the shade immediately, we made quite the tour of cafe’s in Avignon, that is how hot it was during those two days.

I must admit that the baby girl and I didn’t go inside to visit the Papal Palace. There are two simple reasons, one was the admission price of twelve euros, we both felt that it was a little high in price, and two, it was just too hot, we were dripping with sweat and the thought of walking along a series of corridors for who knew how long was too much to bear at that moment. When we went to visit my cousins at Sainte-Etienne, I was embarrassed to say that we wimped out, but I did own up to our wimpiness, they didn’t judge, they were kind.

I am warning all in advance that tomorrow there is part 3 coming. It will be pictures from yet another side to Avignon, I have to unravel the issues I encountered with uploading the photos from my cell phone to Facebook. My blackberry and I had serious issues and a deluge of duplicate photos ensued onto Facebook, so I need to delete the duplicates and make sure that I don’t inadvertently delete the originals. My adventures in technology are quite mind boggling at times, I tell you.