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As I discovered with my cell phone in Arles, I was really getting interested in taking pictures, not just of monuments or beautiful buildings, but of contrasts in shapes, lighting and textures. I think that I was even discovering perspective. I have taken pictures before during my previous travels but never with a goal in mind. I have found that having a specific goal in mind changed my way of taking pictures and of seeing through the cell phone camera lens.

I was looking for scenes with a story to tell, I was also seeing shadows in a new way, how they emphasized the surrounding light and vice versa, the light illuminating the darkness from afar. The blues and greens came into sharp relief against the constant stone in Avignon’s backdrop. Avignon had trees and plants galore and coupled with the intense blue made for a very light and airy ambiance that permeated the entire city. Picture taking here was a real pleasure, everywhere I turned there was something beautiful to shoot.

The series of pictures that I took at the Place where the baby girl and I had a wonderful meal was to show not only a wonderful little restaurant, Gilbert & Muriel, but a great dessert and the perspective from where I was seated. I’m not sure if the perspective idea was very successful but I am learning and now that my thinking on photography has changed, I’ll be practicing a lot more.

I know that when I had written about Avignon while we were there, I had expressed a lot of appreciation for the wide open spaces within the city, especially when coming directly from the city of Arles. Avignon is a city that I plan to revisit in the future in order to get to know Provence better.

As my title suggests, tomorrow I will be posting part 2 which will show other sections of Avignon, just as beautiful just a little different in character. I hope that you enjoy the slideshow.