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I neglected to mention that my hubby and I, last weekend, went to go see Lawless, starring Shia leboeuf, Tom Brady and Jessica Chastain. I wanted to see it for research purposes for my novel because the last part takes place during prohibition and the movie was based on a true story. The twenties as an era were very different in the States than they were in France and it always helps to get a visual feel of the trials and tribulations my character might encounter.

We both liked the movie, surprised? You shouldn’t be, we always like our movies, we are willing participants in the director’s flight of fancy. The movie, set in the 1920’s, revolves around three brothers, who believe that they are somehow indestructible, after a few brushes with the law you tend to believe their little myth as well. The conflict of course rests between the law and the bootleggers, the three brothers aren’t the only bootleggers in town. But they are the only ones who won’t pay off the law men to look the other way. Therein lies the conflict. I won’t say more but there is suspense, a sweet little love story and characters to love as well as characters to hate.

There was some mighty fine acting, Guy Pierce was fantastic, I despised his character so completely that I was surprised that only a few movies ago I was loving Guy Pierce as the hero in the futuristic sci-fi movie, I can’t remember the name of it but it was a good one. Tom Brady continues to impress me with his acting, in this movie he was a man of few words, a criminal but only in the sense that he was selling alcohol, he wasn’t part of the mob, he didn’t believe in shaking anyone down, he treated those near and dear to him with respect and kindness. His character is a gentle giant complete with a cuddly cardigan with pockets. That is the visual that I will leave you with.