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Now that my baby girl is off at college, I don’t have to worry about getting someone off to school on time or fill out all the first day of school forms that all schools love to send home to parents just in case the parents feel left out or something. Those days are over for me, it does feel a little strange seeing all the hustle and bustle of the first week of school and I am no longer part of that ritual.

My sister invited me to come and visit the new house. She is finishing the last part of her internship in her nutritional degree program and she doesn’t go back until next week. So this week was ideal to spend time with her, my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew. I get to relive the back to school ritual for a fourth grader and a kindergartner vicariously through my sister. She is diligently doing her parental homework as I type, the lunch for tomorrow is made, the teeth have been brushed and all school age children are in their beds.

I am missing my two little ones, the ones who live in my memories, but I think that it is the romanticized version that all parents keep in their heads to cuddle with when you miss them as you see them older and more independent, moving away from you and your help.

The freedom to come stay with my sister is great and I am having a lot of fun with my niece and nephew, we played monopoly this afternoon, I was on my best behavior. I played without bending a single rule, I notoriously ruined  monopoly for my little sister when we were younger, I made it so I always won, no game is fun when you always lose. I was so bad. My niece and nephew and I had a lot of fun playing and we are going to continue tomorrow.


Tonight before going to bed, we all played Sleepy Queen, a card game. My sister won fair and square and with that, everyone ready for bed. Today was a full day, the train ride to New York, picking up my niece from school with my nephew and my sister, playing games. I have become a light weight, lol.