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As I sit here in my room listening to the rain falling down, soaking my garden below, which needs it very much I might add, it is almost hard to believe that I was walking through the streets of Nice less than a month ago. It has been feeling a little like autumn these past few days, the nights are definitely cool and so it is hard to inhabit the Laurie who was perspiring all day and all night in the South of France, to correctly describe the feeling I had while I was taking those pictures.

It was glorious, the views from up on the Colline were breathtaking, the Chateau was of the time before France was consolidated into one country as it is known today. Nice had been a bone of contention between the French and the Italians, Nice is so very close to the Italian border, the restaurants are either French or Italian or both. Either way, the bounty from the sea and the produce from the hills makes for a cornucopia of delicious food regardless of the culinary influence.

The baby girl and I preferred walking around old Nice rather than new Nice. Old Nice has the historical feel due to the twists and turns of small narrow streets built long ago. New Nice has wider streets, perfect for pedestrians to flit from side to side browsing the many boutiques.

I didn’t think of taking any pictures of the Tram which flowed its sleek body through the Place Massena, I can’t remember why, but the Tram fit in beautifully despite being a sleek 21st century design, amidst old monuments and buildings. It is reminiscent of how the good civic planners designed the Tram in Bordeaux, making use of modern design to accentuate the beauty of  the past.

All in all I am happy that I made the decision to visit Nice with the baby girl, it served well as the stepping stone to Monaco and to my old friend’s house in Mandelieu. It is also a beautiful city right there on the beach of the Mediterranean, how can a summer visit get better than that? It can be done, but how? A challenge perhaps for the next trip.