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This morning my hubby surprised me with of my favorite things to do, scratch lottery tickets. I never buy them myself because I never have any luck or if I do win, it’s a piddly amount compared to the amount I spent to get it. I was half asleep so as I was scratching away and seeing that I was winning larger amounts than usual, I was getting excited. My hubby came over to see and he suggested that I was doing it incorrectly and that I hadn’t won as much as I thought. The funny part was that he was absolutely right, I didn’t scratch the My Numbers part, I was only comparing the Other Numbers, but I was winning with the special signs, not the matching numbers, so I was indeed winning and to top it all off when I scratched the correct My Numbers part, I ended up winning even more. I laughed and said to my hubby, who was happily shocked that I had indeed won everything that I had initially told him and even more, that do not mess with the Goddess when she feels like bestowing me with luck and good fortunes.

We went to the store together and cashed in on our winning tickets. We didn’t win an exorbitant amount but enough where we feel lucky today, a very nice feeling I might add.