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My cousin took the baby girl and I to Giverny to visit the garden that Claude Monet had designed himself. I had written about our day trip the next day and I am still as excited about my visit now looking back through my pictures as when I had first posted about it.

I know that I am not a talented photographer as my cousin Francoise is, but even with my cell phone special, I think that the beauty and wonder of Monet’s gardens still come through. I remember snapping a picture each time I stumbled upon a plant that I recognized and had in my garden back home.
I can completely understand why Monet and his fellow painters painted tableau after tableau in that setting. You never get the same image twice, the lighting will be different, the growth may be more or less and the colors would be in different groupings.  Giverny is an artists paradise.
I can’t wait for another chance for a visit to Giverny during the spring to see the hyacinths, the tulips, the daffodil and the azaleas. I’ll be clicking again with my cell phone special. I have found a new type of travel destination, finding the places that my favorite painters fell in love with and bring a camera and my writing tools to share them with my readers and write it down for my personal journals.