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Our time at Deauville was wonderful. The town is so picturesque, it is really the weekend playground of the Parisian elite. You can’t blame them for coming, it is just so beautiful and having the beach not that far, it reminded me of what the affluent New Yorkers do every weekend during the summer, torture themselves with the traffic to get to the Hamptons out on Long Island. When Francoise and Nicolas took us down to Deauville to spend the day with their daughter, her husband and their two babies, we saw first hand the incredible traffic that everyone endures to get to Deauville and afterwards the traffic to get back home.


Spending the day on the beach, having a little picnic on the boardwalk before finding the little family in the town of Deauville, and sitting on the beach blankets watching the little princess discover sand for the first time and listening to the little man explain everything that he was doing to his grandfather was really nice. It brought back so many memories of when my two were babies on the beach. There are so many things that are more fun when there are babies involved like the beach, the park, Christmas and any other celebration.


The town of Deauville also has a few very pretty pedestrian streets dedicated to their Parisian clientele and tourists. What impressed me however was that even though Deauville was clearly for the rich and famous, Deauville’s next door neighbors were not in any way shabby. Francoise and Nicolas had shown us Trouville and Honfleur and these two were just as picturesque. Now that I think about it, the town where my cousins live is just as lovely as Deauville just on a smaller scale. The whole region is beautiful, I really love it there.


We hadn’t eaten there so I am not aware of any specialties of Deauville but I am sure that the restaurants would have been a tad over-priced because it was tourist season and the restaurants had a guaranteed upscale clientele with the Parisians. Anyhow we ate like kings and queens at Francoise’s so I wasn’t even curious because Francoise had made us all the Normandy specialties at home.