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There were so many interesting things to see in Rouen, the Cathedral being one of them, I remember last time that I had been in Rouen, we saw a magnificent showing of Claude Monet’s paintings shown at night using the Cathedral itself as the screen of Monet’s paintings honoring this magnificent Cathedral. The other smaller versions of cathedrals that crop up outside of the city are amazing as well in the slightly more condensed version. I really love the church that honors the site where Joan of Arc met her death at the hands of the English and the fascinating exterior and interior that looks like an upside down ship. The wood is absolutely beautiful, I had to take a picture of it. The Rouen plage series I had to show because I think that it’s great that the city temporarily provides a vacation like haven for its residents, they had a lot of activities for all ages of children and adults and the mini- scuba diving tank was a nice gesture.
The brilliant new bridge I thought was magnificent, I had never seen a bridge like that before and its dimensions were worth putting in a picture. I also love the architecture of the houses, it is called Columbage and it makes great use of wood throughout its structure. I find the houses have a romantic feel to them, they also have thatched roofs on some of them increasing the romanticism, I didn’t get a chance to get any pictures, I don’t remember why, but knowing me it is probably because I ran out of battery juice because my cousin did bring us around to show us those types of roofs, just think of the houses in the Shire of Lord of the Rings movies, like the house of Frodo. His roof is like the roofs of some of the houses around Rouen.
I really recommend Rouen as a must visit city, it is the perfect gateway to exploring the Normandy countryside which is also the capital of apples, cheeses and butter. The food is fantastic and the people warm and friendly.