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The baby girl and I got back home last night from Paris, my hubby picked us up from JFK and drove us back home to the baby boy and our two dogs, Rex and Jack. There was much hugging, petting and kissing; the humans were very happy to be reunited and the dogs were jumping, wagging their tails, smiling and presenting us with their toys. It was beautiful and sweet. My hubby and I watched our shows that he gallantly didn’t watch without me until I fell asleep. He is a sweetie that way.

Today was painful in that jet lag and I do not get along at all. It makes me feel ill, not just tired, but trust me that jet lag will in no way keep me from traveling in the future because I know that tomorrow I’ll feel better. The dogs were happy to have their Maman back because we took our habitual walks together and they were both so happy taking them. Rex may have arthritis but he loves his walks big time and Jack loves going outside anyway but he thinks that walking with Rex on the leash is extra special.

Aside from doing a few things on the computer, in the house and in the pool, I spent the day watching three weeks of General Hospital if only to free up space in the DVR storage space, lol. It was a lot of hard work, the things you must do to keep a DVR running smoothly. Since I am now caught up and seen the trajectory of both good storytelling and bad storytelling, always valuable research in learning about writing, I feel better. These are my little justifications for watching a soap opera that I have followed on and off since I was five and watched it with my mother.

I need to go lay down and get my inner clock back to speed.