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As I wrote the title, good old Wille Nelson’s voice burst into my mind, love that song “On The Road Again”. Yesterday we sadly said farewell to Avignon, if I had known I would have booked for two nights instead of the one. Not only did we feel really in sync with the city, we found a wonderful little hotel, the Hotel Boquier, that made our stay even better. The room had air-conditioning, two beds, it was cute and the owners were very friendly. We roamed around the streets having lunch in one restaurant and getting the artisanal ice cream cone somewhere else. It was while we were having lunch at a restaurant in the Place des Papes, a lovely lunch it was, that I saw our famous band of gypsy ladies going to all the tourists and asking them to sign some piece of paper, I guess it was a petition of some sort. I said to the baby girl “oh my goodness” and since I practically never say anything in English to her, she was shocked and wanted to know what was so weird that English would be coming out of my mouth. I reverted back to form and said the gypsy ladies thwarted the French authorities apparently, they’re here in Avignon. She said what are the odds that we would see them again, I agreed, weird right?

The train ride was similar to the others, hot, really because we are lugging baggages around, down streets, up and down flights of stairs, in and out if rail cars, racing from one track to another to make the connection because the first train decided to stop at an additional three stops making us arrive ten minutes later to Lyons. I’m starting to get used to the agita of train travel, I don’t remember the trains in France being tardy like this but I’m hoping that it is due to the high volume of passengers and not something year round.

Right now the baby girl and I are staying with my cousin Vincent and his family, he is a Docteur. They are very sweet, they have four kids around the same ages as my two and Vincent and I have always gotten along very well. We used to spend our time together years ago walking and talking about our plans for the future and what we thought of the world, kind of what I used to do with his older brother when Vincent wasn’t around. His older brother is Pierre, who I stayed with in Paris and Anne is his younger sister, she has the nine children. I also got to see Tonton Andre, the patriarch and my Tantine, she looked lovely. Today we are celebrating their fifty year wedding anniversary, party time! Good food guaranteed, hooray for me and the baby girl!