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We arrived in Arles yesterday at 16:30 and got to the bed and breakfast around 17:00. It took awhile because I called a taxi, the days of my backpacking and walking forever burdened with a bag are over. I physically, simply can’t do it. It annoys me that I don’t have it in me to travel as I used to but what can I do? Next time I’ll know to bring someone really strong like my hubby, lol. Whom I miss terribly, by the way, it has been almost thirty days that we have been apart and I miss him. He knows because I have been sending him little love notes almost on a daily basis. I have also been taking mental notes of places and restaurants worthy of a return so that next year when it is he and I traveling together, we have a ton of things to see, do and eat.

This morning I woke up early to go back to the Gare d’Arles to pick up the additional train tickets that I had reserved online for Avignon and Lyons. The walk wasn’t bad at all, I didn’t have a bag weighing me down, and walking by myself, I made excellent time, I also took quite a few pictures along the way. Arles is small and stockpiled with Roman ruins and other monuments. Today’s plan is to walk aimlessly down the tiny streets because no matter where you go, you are bound to walk into something ancient. The Roman Forum and the Amphitheater are the two stops on top of the list and then there is the Van Gogh exposition, there is the Rhone river to walk along and there a quite a few cathedrals and churches to visit as well.

This is our last week in France, so the baby girl and I are making sure to eat all the things that we can’t have in the States such as the fresh ham and butter sandwich on a French baguette and Fromage Blanc with sugar. These two food items probably don’t sound impressive but trust me in that they are so good, so good that when you go home you go through a period of morning because your taste buds know that they will be deprived of the exquisite flavor and texture for an obscene amount of time. I am serious. It is too good.

The bed and breakfast is interesting, our room is in a type of loft. The shower is nice, the bed creaked a bit and we were assaulted by Mosquitos but all in all I slept really deeply, I was dead tired last night, so was the baby girl. The breakfast was lovely, the baby girl and I almost ate the entire baguette to ourselves and we had watermelon and peaches.

It is now time for sightseeing. Off to see the ruins.