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Yesterday as we walked up the street towards the old City of Carcassonne, I was moved by the enduring beauty and by the incredible testament to time, it’s endless turning and regardless of the actions of men, the wheel of time continues to turn. There is within the walls a vibrant city, the streets are packed with restaurants, ice cream parlors, chocolate and candy chops and of course the souvenir shops. Today we re going back early to visit the Basilica and the chateau, they were closed yesterday. Tantine also found a restaurant for lunch today because she is going to have a Cassoulet, the regional specialty. It a slowly baked white bean stew with confit duck legs, pork sausage and other cured meat. Confit means that the duck thighs were cooked in their own fat and then preserved in a container covered completely by their own fat. It makes for an intensely flavorful and moist duck. I am going to pass because I don’t like beans.

Later on today we have to get back to the “new” city and take the train down to Nice. This is when we say goodbye to Tantine and her son, our chauffeur, and we are once again on our own. I’ll be sad once again, but at the same time I am excited about going off to explore the French Riviera with my daughter.

I am still exhausted but seeing new things always gives me the adrenaline needed to keep my legs moving, it’s after when everything settles down that the wave of exhaustion really sweeps over me. Once we get back home I’ll be able to rest right now there are to many things to see and do.