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I’m sad because we just finished dinner and for the baby girl and I, it’s our last dinner with Tonton and Tantine for at least a year. This house isn’t a vacation resort but we are very happy to be part of something bigger than simply us. That is what family is all about, the ties that bind and the history that cleaves us together. Even though time and distance keeps us apart for most of the year, when we come together there is a silent ackowledgment that we all have something that links us. Our common heritage, our shared memories of the old house, our grandparents, our capers and skinned knees. I am so thankful to have spent these two weeks here in Begles, just being, well more than that, there was the eating, laughing and talking, that was very nice as well. I won’t get excited about the upcoming road trip until tomorrow when we pack our things into my other Tantine’s car and she, my chauffeur, the baby girl and I head down the highway off the adventures unknown to the grand medieval city of Carcassonne.

For now, I am writing this post and then I am going to try to find a nice little Bed and Breakfast in Avignon. For some reason I am having trouble finding a place for only one night in Avignon. I have us all settled in Carcassone, Nice and Arles. I even have Paris all taken care of, but one night in Avignon is giving me trouble, it’s not Bangkok for goodness sake. I now have the song stuck in my head now, One Night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster..

I’ll keep trying.