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Today is my birthday, I am now 45 years old. I wasn’t especially looking forward to it but it was a nice one nevertheless. Each time, ever since I can remember, that I have been in France on my birthday, the family gathers here at my Tonton and Tantine’s house and many fresh fruit tarts are consumed along with many bottles of champagne. Tantine C. made a plum tart, Tantine L. made a chocolate tart and my cousin made an apple tart. They were all delicious, you can’t name a favorite because they were each phenomenal in their own way. Tantine L.’s chocolate tart was singular in its consistency; it was almost like a fudge in texture but not as sweet. The consistency was smooth and creamy, sliding down your throat type of creaminess. Many champagne glasses were raised in honor of that tart. I loved all three tarts, tarts have now become my favorite dessert because I adore the contrast between the pastry crust and the fruit, simple and exquiste at the same time.

Earlier in the day, my cousin Leon, who took up the majority of my childhood memories since he was the older one and I always followed whatever crazy idea he had when we were little, he took me and a mutual friend of ours out to the city for lunch. It was your typical French outdoor restaurant, unrushed and a lovely ambience. The food was very good, I had a plate of smoked salmon served on toast points with an herbed frsh cheese to start, the boys each had a flan of zucchini and leeks on a tomato coulis. Our plates were clean when the waiter came to clear the table, it was that good. I had caramelized scallops drizzled with pesto and served with sauteed zucchini and rice, my cousin had breast of duck with fries and our friend had penne with pesto. It was a great time, talking about this and that and the other.

After we parted ways with our friend, my cousin and I went in search of our respective children who had dined together somewhere thereabouts. They were easy to find and we went our separate ways, the baby girl and I went off to do back to school shopping and my cousin and his children headed off back to the family stead.

I had a wonderful birthday, my hubby sent me the best card that I al going to save, he called me and that was special as well. I know that I am going to get another little celebration when I get home. My baby boy sent me a message as did my other relatives, my sister left me a message and my mother called as soon as she got in from her flight overseas. Today was a great birthday.

This post is short and not as descriptive as usual, I’m feeling a little tired but I wanted to share my day as it runs through my head, I’m glad that I did.