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Today the baby girl and I stayed at Tantine and Tonton’s house in Begles. The only time that I left the house was the errand I ran at the post office near the house. I went to get a box that I can ship to the United States because tomorrow the baby girl and I will be going together into the city to go clothes shopping for school. Since the bags are stuffed we need to expedite. I have to say that I was impressed with our local post office, it was given a swanky face lift since the last time I was here. Not only is the post office in France alive and kicking, unlike back home, it offers prepaid cell phones, credit cards, savings accounts and checking accounts, I knew about the banking offerings at the post office but I wasn’t aware of how much more they had expanded, giving the private sector a run for its money. Our Postmaster General should come over here for a look-see to get inspired, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. I also went to the neighborhood supermarket to get some pate and some more throat lozenges, my throat has been really bothering me lately. Aside from that, it was both lunch and dinner here at Begles, talking, laughing and watching some t.v, a beautiful ordinary day.