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Yesterday my Tantine and I went to Merignac to get my mother from the airport. She went on a mini vacation to the South and we were there to be first in line to hear the adventures. My mother had a lovely time with friends, ate really well and was entranced by the sheer gorgeousness of Cannes and its nearby towns. The only downside was the tremendous heat but it is thankfully a dry heat. After we got my mother back to Tantine’s, we waited for my chauffeur, her son, to get home so that we could all have dinner once again at Didier’s house. His wife spoiled us again with wonderful hors d’oeuvres such as smoked salmon on little toast points, marinated fresh cheese and peanuts. We had one of my favorite appetizers, cantaloupe and prosciutto, the combination of sweet and salty is so very perfect and simple. For the plat principale, we had lemon marinated chicken on the grill with sautéed string beans and a fantastic gratin of zucchini, tomato, onion with grated Swiss cheese on top. I finished the last serving, it was that delicious and it would have been tragic for it not be to have been finished. The salad and cheese course followed and another wonderful apple tarte, faites maison, homemade. That was last night, we all said good night and until Sunday.

Today my chauffeur surprised me not with an outing to the beach, that was already planned. He also invited Didier and his wife to accompany us to Claoey, a beautiful town at the beginning of the tiny peninsula off the Atlantic coast right outside of Bordeaux, where we were going to have lunch at the Cap de Relais, a pretty restaurant right on the Bay. If you haven’t guessed Didier and my chauffeur are brothers and whenever they are together everyone is assured a good time. So during lunch, not only was the food lovely but so was the company as well. I had a seafood platter with oysters, mussels, little neck clams, sea snails, shrimp, langoustine and crab. I have dreamed of having a seafood platter for awhile and I wasn’t disappointed, my dessert was excellent as well, a simple nectarine tarte with the flakiest crust.

Today was another great day, beautiful outing with my cousins, my baby girl came back from her mini vacation with our cousin who is her age and my mother is back with us as well.