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Tonight we are invited to my cousin Didier’s house for dinner. Dinner at his house is a tradition between all us cousins who have spent several summers together at the beach on the Mediterranean. We have such great memories that without fail we spend the whole entire evening reminiscing and laughing. The menu is simple, cantaloupe and prosciutto to start and shish kebabs on the barbecue, the kebabs are a combination of beef, pork and lamb marinated in olive oil and Harissa, spicy red pepper paste, and French fries. The menu is a given, we have had it for twenty years now. Now that I have just written the word twenty, it hit me that we aren’t the band of youngsters that we once were and that we laugh about. What makes these evenings so great is that it’s almost as if we are back in time, at least in our minds. I’m making sure to get this post out early because I know that for a fact that I won’t be in any shape to write because it will be in the early morning before I will be getting home. I’m getting chauffeured but who knows I might be the one driving home because I don’t drink anymore and my chauffeur does like his red wine.