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Just for kicks, I would choose German. There is something very attractive about German and its commanding tones, at least to my ears. I guess that since I am timid about asking people for help and I’m horrible at giving direction, that perhaps being fluent in German would help me overcome my reticence. My logic here comes from my experience with the French language, I find that the language is built around politeness. The pronoun “you” is specified to be either formal or informal and the speaker makes a conscious choice when he addresses a person, thus the formal “you” which is always used with strangers and acquaintances tends to create a polite atmosphere. Hence, that is why I am making my assumptions with regards to German, a direct and commanding language. I do not mean in any way that it is therefore callous or disrespectful, just direct and strong. I would be tickled pink if I woke up tomorrow saying Guten daag and immediately could launch into a full blown conversation. As of this moment, I would have to track down some German tourists since I’m in France, but that shouldn’t be too hard to do, they love vacationing over here.