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Tonight was movie and dinner, this time dinner was before the movie and it was Arby’s. I had my usual, a small roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce and black pepper with a large order of curly fries, mega salty and spiced with a 30 oz chocolate shake. My daughter ate with my hubby and myself, she decided to forgo the movie instead, she chose to go see her boyfriend and she decided that she wasn’t feeling her chocolate shake, so I made a glutton of myself. To top it off and make it worse, I even had Nestlé bunch a crunch during the movie. I am sitting here on the couch typing this with my belly looking as if I’m five months pregnant, gluttony I tell you.

Anyway, the movie wasn’t bad. It is based on the Hasbro game Battleship, a game that I really loved playing. It took a bit of time for the movie to show how it related to the board game and when it did, it wasn’t silly or contrived, it made sense. I was hoping that Liam Neeson wouldn’t be wasted and for the length of time he was on screen he served his purpose and his role well. It was a decent movie, the only critique that I have is that the previews were poorly done. The movie leaves you thinking it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and that means that the previews stunk, which is horrible for the box office receipts because most movie goers aren’t as easy going or as forgiving as my hubby and I.