Today is Sunday and Francoise, Nicholas, the baby girl and I went to Deauville, a famous seaside resort in Normandy where the rich and famous come to play at the casino, eat drink and be merry at the luxurious hotels and lounge under the colorful parasols on the beach. The homes are so beautiful and distinctive, each one had its own character and charm; some built with brick and made to look like miniature chateaux with tiny turrets, some were built in the style of columbage, white walled with decorative dark woodbeams crisscrossing the white walls all around, much like the style in Alsace/Lorraine. We went to Deauville not just for the outing but because my little cousin, Francoise’s daughter was there, enjoying a weekend stay with her husband and their adorable little boy and exquisite real baby girl. We found them and we all went to the beach where little Lucien played in the sand and in the water with his Papi and Papa, meanwhile Francoise and the rest of us ladies admired the baby princess. Babies are just the best, everything about them. Toddlers are a riot as well and Lucien was no exception, he had me burst out laughing on several occasions.

I am so happy to be here with Francoise and Nicholas, I haven’t seen them in seven years and that is just too long. There is an age difference between Francoise and I, now it is imperceptible, but when I was younger,  Francoise was grown up, getting married and having babies. I remember her first baby when I was thirteen, she is now the one with two babies now. I think that I was six or seven the first time I met Nicholas, so basically they have watched me grow up. There is a much earlier post that I had written exclusively on the subject of Francoise being my role model. She is an amazing woman and I really look up to her, her talents in the kitchen, running a household, creating works of art in different mediums such as painting and firing china, making mattes and the framework for art pieces and photography, which is her passion now and has been for a few years. Whatever she puts her mind to she does it so well. She also has excellent style and flair. I tell you, after visits with her, I feel inspired to be more feminine and take everything that I make to its best conclusion, but sadly that lasts a week at best at home. I don’t quite have the temperament for perfection and high standards every time. Anyway, that is my ode to my role model and I’m so happy to be here in Normandy, but if you can get over to Deauville, it is gorgeous. At least watch the movie GiGi, with Louis Jordan and Leslie Caron, they go to Trouville which is next to Deauville. You’ll get the feeling and great taste of the resort setting.