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If I were a movie star, I would need diet ginger ale and seltzer available at all times because I am always thirsty. In terms of snacking; bananas, navel oranges, honey crisp apples and white flesh nectarines would be a constant feature of the fruit bowl. I would definitely ask for that fruit bowl to be consistently replenished, you can never have too much fruit. Since I often forget that electronics need to be recharged, having someone check my phone and iPad daily and recharging them automatically would be great. A beautiful ladies room is something else that would make me happy, not only beautiful but comfortable as well. A cozy, comfy chaise lounge with a side table ready with a refreshment and iPad so that I can sit back and write without interruption, everything that I need at my fingertips on my side table. My trailer would be my place to relax while I am waiting for my moment on set.