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I was heading into the city early Saturday morning, off to work at Conran’s, sitting in the corner of the subway trying not to be that awake for a 45 minute subway ride down to Astor Place in the village. An African-American women came onto the subway and started pacing up and down the car, mumbling her story but apparently I wasn’t the only one trying to not be awake at that moment. In a fit she whipped off her wig and started to rub her bald head, talking louder. Apparently she wasn’t receiving quite the attention that she needed because her shirt came off next and she was trying to show her breasts to anyone who had the courage to look, not I. My eyes stayed firmly closed when I felt her presence approaching me. I don’t know if anyone was more relieved than I when she got off the subway finally, ironically she did get a huge round of applause after the doors closed. Peace at last.