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Today has been our first day in Paris and we are enjoying a beautiful day of 70 degrees and sun. We arrived on French soil at 6:00 and by the time that we traversed all of Charles de Gaulle in search of our baggage, border control and looking for the Roissybus, it was about 9:00. The bus ride into Paris was very interesting, the outskirts are very commercial and industrial in nature. The closer we got to the center of the city the more recognizable my memories became. The Roissybus left us right across the street of our hotel, Le Grand. The staff at reception were very welcoming and made every effort to get us in a room as soon as possible. The baby girl and I were so tired that trying to find our room felt like walking through that evergreen maze in one of the early books of Harry Potter, the one where Robert Pattison doesn’t make it when he tries to figure out his maze. The aby girl and I fared much better but it did feel as if we were walking in circles. The hotel encompasses a whole city block and has room on every all four streets. We are staying on the Capucine side, we had to walk past the Scribe side, The Opera side and there is another but I can’t recall it just yet, still foggy in my head. We finally found and stumbled into our room, so happy to have found it.

Our jet lag is playing with our stomachs, our appetite doesn’t know if it’s awake or asleep. The proof is that we passed patisserie after patisserie all the while looking at the beautiful presentations and we weren’t tempted. There are times when your internal clock is so confused that even your stomach shuts off and your sweet sense says no thank you.

It is 6:00 p.m and we took a small nap, still not hungry so we are probably going to rest and gear up for tomorrow. Already we walked to the Louvre, walked through the Tuileries Gardens, found the tea salon of Angelina’s, Pierre Herme, Pierre Marcolini, the Maison du Chocolat and Fauchon. Fauchon is a very famous gourmet food shop that has been around for ages. We walked past the Elysee Palace on the rue Faubour St Honore. We walked and walked. So now to rest and rest for tomorrow.