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Today, my hubby, the baby girl and I spent the day with my mother in New York. After an easy lunch of Frankie’s pizza, the baby girl mentioned that she would really love to take the subway into the city and walk around. New York had been in an awful heat wave but today seemed to break the cycle. At first since the subway cars are air-conditioned, we didn’t feel any inching up of the outdoor thermostat , the subway ride was very pleasant. It wasn’t crowded as it normally would be during the work week, the four of us sat and talked back and forth until we got to 8th Street in Greenwich Village. I was proud to show the baby girl a little of my alma mater, N.Y.U. What surprised me most was how much 8th Street had changed, it used to be so busy with door to door shoe stores and vintage clothing stores with tons of tourists and young people. Now it is emptier and the shops are closed, it was a little sad. The vibrancy was gone or so it seemed.

Perhaps it was the heat dragging everyone in the city down, the longer we walked the heavier the air got or so it seemed. We walked for a bit down 6th Avenue heading further downtown towards SOHO, we cut up to Waverly Place and then went towards Lafayette. By the time we got down to Little Italy, we were a little pitiful to look at, at least I was. I felt like a wilted plant, droopy from heat and drippy from the humidity that felt like a thick blanket over my shoulders. My mother said that perhaps something cold and wet would be a good idea, we found a nice playground and my hubby chivalrously got us bottles of Perrier and Evian to drink. We all felt better but the heat was too much and we all decided that home was the best place to be, cool and quiet. Tonight is our last night here for awhile and tomorrow will be a new page to my summer story.