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These pictures above are the perennials that I fight with year after year. They are truly the bane of my gardening existence, I go after them with a vengeance, literally getting my hands caked with dirt as well as my knees as I shovel, trowel and tunnel through the soil in the attempt to root out the last tiny bit of any Bishop’s weed and Bamboo in the ground. You would not believe the length and complicated root systems these two perennials have. Moreover, to put the icing on the cake, they both have two ways of propagating their successful genes, either through their root systems, and trust me when I say if only my beloved flowering plants could be so generously endowed with such root systems, and by their seeds because they both flower. The Bamboo despite being separated by a pool, used its seeds to start a new patch over the way to plague me as a gardener.

Why my intense drive to, if not eradicate the offenders, at least control their spreading? They both, if left to their own devices, will suffocate all your chosen plants with their root systems. They hog all the nutrients, air and water, they truly do not play well with others. This is why every year, I engage in a war, well I should say every year except for this one, I am going to France so when I get back, I’ll have my work cut out for me.