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When I first started working on gardening years and years ago, my primary aim was to just get plants that would come back year after year, that took some time because being extremely new at gardening there was endless trial and error. I would say that somewhere in the middle of the 18 years that I have been working on my gardens and with perennials, I started to also incorporate the range of blooms in my planning. In the beginning my plants burst onto the scene early in the season, springtime, and then that was it. It was while watching a Martha Stewart show on staggering perennials in the garden that I realized that having a growing and blooming season layout of your garden was important. Martha as usual had the whole project laid out with graph paper depicting the area of your garden and with a color coded system of planning the springtime bulbs such as tulips and daffodils then staggered with the peonies, bleeding hearts and iris for mid spring, the perennials in my slideshow are the start of mid summer blooming plants and they just happen to be all purple. I really love the deep purple of these perennials, they are distinctive from my other colors in my garden. I don’t know why but I am still amazed by the success I have with my perennials, seeing them come back faithfully every year makes me feel really happy.¬† Can you tell that I have been writing little love notes to my gardens before I leave for France? I am going to be busy these next few days with some light weeding and definite watering. Have to keep everyone happy during my absence.