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The baby girl, my hubby and I got up very early together to go to Boston, my hubby to work and the baby girl and I needed to get to the French Consulate in Boston to renew my baby girl’s French passport. Why the need for a renewed passport you ask? The baby girl and I are going to France to see our family! I am excited about seeing everyone, beyond words. I’ll be writing about it later on, but today was busy, busy. The baby girl and I went into Boston, which is a relatively easy city to navigate, once you have a few landmarks in your frame of reference, you can find yourself very easily, so locating the French Consulate wasn’t hard at all. Getting all the paperwork done was easy and quickly done and afterwards we walked to the Boston Commons. We sat on a park bench and spent some time being entertained by a few crazy adventurous squirrels who were also a little frisky. At some point the baby girl expressed not only hunger but exactly the restaurant that she wanted to assuage her hunger with, Legal Seafood. It was just a few blocks away and within 10 minutes, we were seated at a nice table, we had our drinks and we a had ordered our lunch. We shared an excellent lump meat crab cake with a mesclun salad, the crabcake was one of the simplest and purest expression of a crabcake that I have ever been presented, you really tasted the flavor and the texture of the lump crab meat. There was a hint of breadcrumb and maybe egg white with the perfect touch of salt and pepper. It was exquisite as a dish. For our main course, the baby girl and I each ordered steamers. You cannot go wrong with steamers, broth and drawn butter, your choice to dunk the steamers in one or both, either way you have the full experience of the sea. Our lunch together was great. We met up with my hubby and we walked around some more and then it was homeward bound.

We pulled into our driveway and lo and behold, we were greeted by our next door neighbor’s puppy, a six month Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her name is Gracie and she is the sweetest puppy, we weren’t sure that Rex and Jack liked her because whenever they had met up, Gracie would be off leash and Rex and Jack on leash, that makes for an imbalance of power between the dogs and doesn’t promote harmonious relations. Seeing Gracie sitting at her fence and seeing that she had broken a piece of it to escape, I asked the baby girl to put Gracie in our backyard to keep her safe until our neighbors returned. The baby girl decided that Jack needed socialization so she put Jack out back with Gracie and with both of them off leash, on equal footing, they got along like the best of friends. At this point we introduced Rex into the mix and after he established that he is the Alpha dog, he was content to watch over his two charges, Jack and Gracie, to make sure that they got along. He thought that his baby-sitting duties were over with yesterday’s play date with the baby, well now he has a puppy from next door to mind as well.

Rex and the erstwhile puppy Gracie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback