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We, in the Northeast, are very lucky that we are experiencing the mid to high eighties. This morning they were showing the whole map of the United States and the heat wave that is gripping the rest of the country is horrendous. I feel for everyone who is recovering from the devastating storms across the Southeast, Hurricane Debby to be precise, and the wildfires that are plaguing Colorado, not to mention the drought situation in the Southwest. We are hot and will be hot for days to come but there is no way that I will complain, there are so many others everywhere who probably can’t even escape the heat due to lack of power. To think that we have a political party in this country that still denies climate change, it scares me that this party, who being part of the political process, can influence our response to energy needs and how our energy policy Is determined. It bothers me to no end.

Onto happier thoughts, my hubby and I barbequed Sunday dinner together. All I did, I must say, is throw together balsamic vinegar, olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper, slice the eggplants, and the mushrooms were already sliced. The pork chops got some salt and pepper before I put them in the bowl with the eggplant and mushrooms with the marinade. I carried everything outside to my hubby who had a nice fire going on the grill and he did the excellent backyard chef grilling that he has mastered over the years. What I find annoying about grilling is the smoke getting in my eyes, I don’t mind the heat off the grill, it’s the smoke that gets in my eye where I feel that I’m blinded, do not like that feeling. Everything had a nice smoky flavor, the mushrooms were nice and meaty and the pork chops were juicy with the great charred taste that only grilling can give you. My hubby grills old school with wood, I have said it before, he is the best camper and the best fire starter that I have ever known. Sometimes he’ll also add charcoal to the wood, it depends on his mood, either way the results are always great. The best part is, hooray for leftovers, with the heat continuing knowing that I don’t have to cook tomorrow is fantastic.