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My hubby and I are back home from spending the whole day at the college going through the mandatory orientation with our baby girl. The school separates the parents from their children early on in the program, the parents get the whole financial aid spiel and how the school will do their best to give your child the best chance for success. The kids on their end, according to the staff, were getting their own pep talks. We got put back together with the baby girl to enjoy a nice lunch as a huge group under a huge tent on the lawn, the campus is very lovely so having lunch al fresca was a nice touch. We were than separated once again. My hubby and I were finished with the parents part of the orientation program so, since we couldn’t be with the baby girl, we decided to head home. The baby girl will be coming home tomorrow afternoon. On the ride home, my hubby and I couldn’t help but talk about how cute the baby girl was when she was little and now she is sleeping overnight at her college campus for the first time. I felt a little nervous for her, I was hoping that she didn’t feel too new and too shy, I was hoping that she found someone that she clicked with and could laugh with, to not get too overwhelmed with the thoughts of what college really means. I can’t wait until my baby girl gets home.