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Tonight the baby girl and I came to Boston to visit and have some wonderful sushi before embarking on a full day of parent/student college orientation at her school tomorrow. We, of course were joined by my hubby. He loves escorting his ladies to dinner, especially sushi restaurants. It’s not often that you go out to eat and feel good and healthy about it. The restaurant that we had dinner at was appropriately named Sake. We ordered green tea and water, my hubby and I started with small green salad and steamed shrimp shumai, dumplings, and the baby girl ordered edamame, soy beans. My hubby always put his trust in the Chef’s plate, the baby girl and I, we don’t roll that way. We have fallen in love with the dragon maki, which is smoked eel, avocado and cucumber roll. I have on occasion, such as this evening, deviated away from the dragon maki and ordered other rolls. I decided to order the scorpion roll which had the added feature of shrimp on top of the smoked eel and avocado. I was even thinking Alligator maki but I decided against the shrimp tempura because I didn’t really want anything fried in my roll. It was a really nice dinner, the three of us. Tomorrow is a big day ahead of us so we are turning in early.