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Yes, I am now going to complain about the weather. It has been raining now for just a little too long. Our pool has been opened and I have been doing my little mad scientist thing with the ph balance of the pool. Normally, this is fairly straight forward but not these past few days. It has been raining so much and so hard that the pool has been overflowing so I have been siphoning the excess water out of the pool in the rain. All this in turn messes with the chemical balance hence my complaints. Never mind the crazy growth of everything in the garden especially in the weed department, no one wants to weed in the rain even though it is the ideal soil condition for pulling out weeds, the soil is so loose that they just slide out when you pull them. All I want is a few days of blue skies and bright sunlight so that I can stabilize the water, so that I can get my weed population back under control and I can cease my quiet fuming at the gods in the shy. Maman not happy and according to the weather forecast, Maman is not going to be happy for quite a few more days, at least until next Saturday.

I was trying to get into a positive frame of mind by thinking of Super Tramp’s song and it starts “It’s raining again, I …” It’s one of those songs that I get stuck in my head, I don’t know the words except for it’s raining again and la, la… It’s raining again. But then my positive frame of mind went away because this is getting a little ridiculous with the amount of rain coming our way. I know that it could be worse so I promise that this won’t become a habit.